MOBOTIX Move Camera

Technology Premiere At MOBOTIX

VandalDome VD-4-IR

The camera enables up to three simultaneous video streams of standard codec H.264 and/or M-JPEG. The camera also boasts a maximum resolution of 4 megapixels and captures up to 30 frames per second, even when WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) mode is switched on. This means that significant image details are always captured, even in poor light conditions.




BulletCamera BC-4-IR

Sophisticated WDR technology, integrated LED infrared spotlights with a range of up to 30 m at the lowest power consumption and automatic day/night switching from color to black and white images make for a modern ONVIF bullet camera with superior quality and features that can be used virtually anywhere.





SpeedDome SD-330

The motor-controlled Outdoor PTZ camera features servo feedback technology and an electronic image stabilizer. These functions offer decisive advantages in places with strong air circulation (wind, heavy vehicles) – especially when using a higher optical zoom.






SpeedDome SD-340-IR

Much more than just standard: The extremely fast panning and tilt technology with powerful, long-lasting and at the same time energy-saving electric motors obtains the desired results more quickly. Clear images, even at the highest zoom level and under any lighting conditions, are also a part of our Premium PTZ camera’s seamless, complete range of features.